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Jonathan Shepherd.jpg

I was born in Derbyshire in 1961 and continue to live high up in Matlock Bath with glorious views over the surrounding countryside. After leaving school at 16 I served an apprenticeship as a plumber before joining my father in a picture framing business (PEAKLAND ARTS). It was during this time that my interest in painting was kindled and I taught myself to paint, initially in acrylics and watercolours but now mainly in oils. In 1991 I took over the framing business from my father and continue to run it to this day, although a lot more time is spent painting now. I have won several painting competitions including the Derbyshire Pro Loco Painting competition final which is a culmination of paintings done in various villages throughout Derbyshire which all have to be finished on the day and are then voted for by the public. After several exhibitions my work is in collections in the USA , Australia and Europe as well as the UK. I mainly paint landscapes of Derbyshire and other rural areas of the UK but of late has been experimenting with other subjects and painting styles.